Monday, September 27, 2010

1 Month In

It's  hard to believe I have been here for almost a month now, and time feels like it is flying by. My flat is coming together really nicely, and every day when I come home from work I really love relaxing and just watching hikers outside of my kitchen window climb Arthur's Seat (the dormant volcano). Last weekend I decided to attempt this climb with my 20 year old RA Denes. He's from Hungary and is a rower for the University, and about 1/2 way up I realized how out of shape I was. He practically ran up the mountain, and I had to stop about every 20 feet to take breaks. I blamed it on the altitude, although I know deep down I am out of shape, which I am working on fixing and will explain later. Once we made it to the top it the view made the trip worth while and I can't wait to try my hand again at the journey on another nice weekend. I have also been making a lot of new friends including two of my co-workers Nik and Kristin. Nik is 35, from Scotland and he runs marathons. He also teaches spinning class twice a week, and has invited me to start coming to class. Hopefully he can whip me into shape in no time, however I am dreading my first class tonight! The night life here is also fun to partake in, and I have been able to get out to a few nightclubs for dancing and have been hitting local pubs right around the corner from where I live. I would have to say one of my favourite things about living here is being so close to everything, but I guess that's one of the privileges of living in the middle of a capitol city. Last week I made the mistake of going for a run after work, and by mistake I mean going without my wallet. As I ran down to Princess Street I discovered the shopping district, and all I had on me was my ipod. So I had to resort to window shopping, but I will definitely be prepared the next time I decide I need to get out, even if it's just a run! I would say the highlight of my weekend was when a tourist stopped me on the street to ask me if I was a local and could if I could help her with directions. I just laughed and politely said I just moved here, but at least I look like I fit in! The Pope also came to visit last week, which resulted in traffic, a parade with men in kilts playing bag pipes, and a day off work! Work is starting to pick up, and I feel like I get more involved every day. I love working with my RA/HA staff and look forward to the year ahead of us. Next week I am taking my residents on a trip to the Edinburgh Zoo and the Highlands, so hopefully I can post some cute pics of animals and some great scenery! Until then I will see you on the internet.

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