Thursday, September 2, 2010

Arriving to my New Home

Well I made it! It wasn't the greatest trip, but my bags and I landed safely in Scotland around 3pm yesterday. Thanks to mechanical errors, my flight was delayed causing me to miss my connection in London, however I was re-booked quickly and took the next flight to Edinburgh around 1:30pm. Upon arriving I met my administrative assistant Dawn who was waiting for me with a giant sign that said Welcome Katie Thorne at the airport. From there we took a taxi, (a traditional cab), throughout the city to my new place of residence in the Mason House at Pollock Halls. It was quite the adventure driving on the other side of the road. Because my flat is under construction for renovation, I am in a temporary room in the accommodation hotel on campus. It is quite nice, and the view of the dormant volcano outside of my room is amazing. Then came the dining hall- and it was fantastic! Definitely not what I am have been use to at my old school, a lot fresher and too many options to choose from! This made me very excited as you all know I love to eat! Once I finished in the dining hall, I went right into my warden training which first consisted of tea and crumpets, and hearing a lecture from the Scottish fire marshal. Around 9pm we were released, and because it was the first day of training I soon came to realize that it was a requirement to head to the pub for a drink. At that point I was so tried I could hardly see, but I didn't want to be rude and not bond with my wardens staff. And the staff is great- a diverse mix of people, aging from 25 to 60. Some people have been wardens and living in for 16 years. And the great thing is the pub was INSIDE of my dining hall! And did I mention that my dining hall is about 20 steps outside of the front door to my Residence Hall?! Oh how things are different over here. I ended up heading to bed around 10pm after having been up for around 26 hours. Today I began work at my new building, which is inside of an old Church that looks like a castle. The picture attached to this blog is what I am referring too. This shows my office and the building to the right of my office which has green windows is my residence hall (Lee House). Some of you know that my most favorite tree of all time is called Monkey Puzzle. I knew this was meant to be when I noticed that right outside of the entrance to the building was a giant Monkey Puzzle tree! I won't be able to skype until I move into my hall on the 10th, and my email is limited to when I am in the office. I hope to keep up on blogging to keep everyone in the loop throughout this adventure. Until next time, I will see you on the Internet.


  1. So glad you got in safe! You are going to have a blast :) Miss you already.

  2. Glad you made it safe! It looks beautiful! What a great experience for you. I am very happy for you.
    Take care! Love you, Tam

  3. Hey Katie - John Thomas wanted me to tell you that this place looks cool! bye