Monday, September 6, 2010

First Weekend in Edinburgh

Well I just got through my first weekend in Edinburgh, and I am settling into the city quite nicely. I would say that the most shocking thing thus far is the language barrier. Even though this is an English speaking country, I have had a difficult time understanding people, especially those on the phone. I am sure that this will fade with time, but I have been really trying to pick up on some on the common lingo. Last week flew by, and I was in my Warden training for my job most of the time. On Friday evening I ventured out with a few of my fellow Wardens to a few local pubs. It was nice to find some local pubs near where I live, and I will hopefully be considered a local soon! Another thing I have found interesting is the choice of snack food available at the end of a night out. Now as many of you know, at the end of a long night out back in the States we typically head for pizza or chicken nuggets. Here, the traditional thing to get, and this is gross so prepare yourself, is a deep fried candy bar and chips (aka french fries)  with mayonnaise and cheese. GROSS! I stuck with my traditional chicken nuggets of course. On Saturday I decided it was time to venture out into my new city, and started with a hike of Arthur's Seat (the dormant volcano). What was amazing is that there was the World Duathlon Championship taking place on the volcano, so as I was hiking up there were world champion athletes biking by me. It was good motivation to keep going, as I am no longer as in shape as I want to be. I finished the day with walking around High Street admiring the many men in kilts. Sunday was more wondering around of the city, walking up to the Edinburgh Castle. In Edinburgh, the Fringe Festival occurs during the entire month of August. To end the festival, the city puts on a fireworks show, so last night the other Wardens and I went to watch the fireworks. They were spectacular, and I really like to think the city put them on to welcome me as a new resident! It was a great way to end the weekend, and again on the way home came more deep fried candy bars (not sure if I can get use to those). This week begins my RA training, so with late nights and move in weekend starting on Saturday I am not sure if I will be posting a blog, but keep in touch and I will see you on the internet.

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  1. Katie, sorry I didn't see you before you left, but your new adventure sounds wonderful. We all miss you here. It's fun to be able to read what you're doing. Wendy