Sunday, September 12, 2010

Training, Moving In, and Coming Up Weekend

The past week has been a whirl wind! The week started with RA/HA training, which consisted of long days and training sessions which I helped to facilitate. I think the European students were not thrilled with my ice breaker games like the human knot or name games, but I continued to try new things with them and finally broke through on day 3. They really enjoyed learning about my on call experiences and I am really excited to be working with my new staff of 65 RA's ranging in age from 18 to 26. My favorite part about my staff is that more than 1/2 are international students, so we have students from all over the world including Poland, Spain, Hungary, Bermuda, Ireland, United States, England, Holland, Romania, Bulgaria, and of course Scotland. Once RA training ended we began our preparation for "Coming Up Weekend", or move in.  My building holds around 140 residents, and my staff of 7 and I prepared the halls for opening to welcome our students. Saturday night my RA Denes (pronounced Danish like the pastry) took all of our students on a Pub Crawl, which is something that all of the "Freshers" (aka Freshman) students are required to do! We also had a house meeting which we provided wine for our residents, and the students all seemed to be really nice and didn't cause too many disruptions. My residents also range in age from as young as 16 to as old as 28! Tonight we have a dance called a Ceilidh (pronounced Kay-Lee) which is a traditional Gaelic dance for the students. Kilts will be present! I finally moved into my flat, and pictures will be posted soon once all of my boxes are unpacked. It is a really nice flat overlooking the dormant volcano. Since I am on the 4th floor (which is really the 5th because in the UK the bottom level is ground level) I can over look the entire residential facility, or what I like to refer to as the Pollock Compound. Although I have been quite busy it has been a great week! The picture shows a part of Arthur's Seat (the dormant volcano) with my office on the left and some of the other residence halls on the Pollock Compound in the front. Cheers and I will see you on the internet!

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