Saturday, October 23, 2010

Saturday's Stroll in the Burgh

The weather has been getting colder here in the Burgh, but I have decided that it will not keep me inside, even if it's raining. Last night a group of us went to a fabulous Italian restaurant called Bella Italia where we feasted on wine, brick oven pizza, and a decadent dessert called "the godfather" over candlelight. It was so sinfully delicious that I knew this morning I needed to get up and try to work some of those calories off, and what better way than a stroll through Edinburgh. The sun was out and shining this morning which was a change of pace from the few days of pouring rain we have been experiencing. I absolutely love the fall weather here when the sun is out. I made my way through The Meadows and came across Edinburgh's farmers market.  

The market is located below the Edinburgh Castle, and there are a lot of vendors selling various items from fresh produce to soaps. I got to sample fresh dips, cheese, jams, and jellies as I made my way through the market. There was even a meat vendor selling buffalo and ostrich burgers!

Fresh Pretzel's 


I was so excited when I came across an organic mozzarella cheese vendor, and had to splurge to get some fresh cheese. A ball was only around $1.50! The sample I had was so delish and I couldn't wait to get home and make a mozzarella, tomato, and basil sandwich. 


Homemaid soaps

After strolling through the market, I realized I was at an entrance of a very old graveyard which bordered one of the large parks in the city. Since it's only a week away from Halloween I felt it was appropriate to meander through the site to check out some of the graves. This yard was unlike any I had seen in the past, and was really welcoming to visitors. The trees had really nice fall color and I was able to get some great shots with my camera. 

On the other side of the yard was a kids park! The architect must have been a kid at heart because the design was very interactive for parents and their kids. I really wanted to try the rope wheel in the picture below. 

Strolling along I couldn't believe it when I saw social activism at it's finest. There was protest march on Princess Street regarding high taxes, guess they have the same problems here as in the US...  
 I love strolling through this city because I every time I head out on a different path I get to experience so many things, whether it's a local farmers market, old graveyard, or protest. I guess this is why people love living in the heart of a city. Overall, great morning wandering around the city!  Until next time I'll see you on the internet. 

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