Monday, October 11, 2010

Zoobilee Zoo

This past weekend Edinburgh was not the most ideal place in terms of weather. The upcoming winter months scare me a bit as I really love being out in the sun and still want to enjoy my time here. It was overcast and a bit colder than it has been since I've arrived, so I decided it was time to go and do something cheesy and not let the weather keep me inside. Sunday I made my way to the Edinburgh Zoo via the public bus system. I really love riding the bus here because they are double deckers and you get a great tour of the city for only £1.20. I arrived at the zoo with a friend of mine after a 30 minutes bus ride, and we were really looking forward to seeing all of the animals, especially the penguins. The zoo has one of the largest penguin exhibits and each day they have a parade where penguins come out and into the street for a parade around the zoo. This March of the Penguins was so great and the highlight of the day! What is really funny is that the zoo keeper makes an announcement before the parade begins stating that the penguins volunteer for the parade. The zoo keeper opens the gates and the penguins who are interested in leaving come out on their own to march around. You can see the video below of the parade. The zoo overall was really nice and well designed, with lots of exhibits including chimps, rhinos, and lovely landscaping throughout the park. I would definitely recommend to a family visiting the city, or for a fun day out.


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