Thursday, December 23, 2010

The Heineken Experience

For the past 6 days I have been enjoying Amsterdam in all of it's glory.  All I can say is what a long strange trip it's been. Getting here was an interesting story all together. My flight was the only flight that landed in the airport last Friday due to the snow storm. When I arrived at the train station at no trains were running. Luckily a train from Paris temporarily got stuck at the airport train station, so I just hopped on the train without a ticket and sat in first class to get myself to central station in downtown Amsterdam. It was chaotic and the city accumulated around 1 foot of snow. I did so many fun things throughout the week, including things I would never have thought about doing- like the ballet. I have never been to the ballet, but it was such a beautiful performance- Sleeping Beauty.  I definitely enjoyed myself throughout the week and was sad to leave today. Since yesterday was my last day in Amsterdam Meredith and I decided to visit one of the highlights of the city, the Heineken factory.  It was a blustery walk to the factory, but once we arrived I was ready to get my Heineken experience on!

 I was so excited to start the tour! I had been looking forward to seeing this factory for weeks.

Meredith and I at the start of the tour
 Yea- we are cheesy!
 I really loved all of the Heineken paraphernalia including this original glass Heineken Button 
 This room showed the fermenting process- water, barley, hops, and yeast
 This was the original boiling room

 The factory was beautiful! Check out these stained glass windows
I felt we kept getting free pints of beer every 10 minutes during the tour. It was great. At the half way mark we really enjoyed ourselves.
 The bottling room- you can make your own bottle with your name on it!

 Apparently Heineken sponsors a lot of the 007 movies. They had an entire room dedicated to James Bond throughout the years

 The tour had some really neat activities and was very interactive. We were able to send a video message home to our friends at home and as you can see in the picture below I didn't mind making a fool of myself.
 Bottles, and Kegs, and cans oh my!
 This room was so cool. These pod chairs showed all of the Heineken commercials since the 50's. It was as if we were in a space ship.

Worlds longest foosball table
 Another bar
 Meredith and I enjoying more free Heineken
 The tour was only 15 Euro- and the cost of admission included 3 beers. If you visit Amsterdam this is a must see but plan on spending a minimum of 2 hours at the factory. The tour itself takes around 2 hours and the gift shop is really good. You can even get your name engraved on Heineken pint glass. I got my brother and his dog matching monogramed pint glasses! Bye Bye Amsterdam- I'll be back in January.   Until next time, I will see you on the internet. 

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