Friday, January 21, 2011

Flashback Friday: Viva Vienna

For this weeks Flashback Friday I decided to write about the city I was staying in the last time I was living abroad back in 2006.  I remember when I was sitting with the head of my Graduate committee Dean Sutphin, and I was presented with three options of possible study abroad opportunities. I had the opportunity to choose from: Olso, Norway, Ingolstadt, Germany, or Vienna, Austria. Being from Vienna, Virginia I knew Vienna, Austria would be the choice- it was just too coincidental not to choose that option. Austria is centrally located and would make for easy backpacking in my free time, and how many people can say they lived in two Vienna's? 

After a few phone calls and emails the Dean pulled a few strings and within a few weeks I was on my way to spend the summer working at the BOKU, The University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences in Vienna, Austria.  I lived in an area of the city called Grinzing which is known for one thing: wine! 

Views from Grinzing

Grocery shopping in Vienna- gotta love the cart!

Now here is the best part of the whole deal, my living accommodation. To best describe it, the accommodation housed girls who wanted to become nuns one day. Just picture me, 21 and living in this convent for girls. Ok, you can stop laughing now. In all truth, it was a really fun time and I got to make friends from girls from all over the world. Most of the girls on my hall were like me- just visiting for the summer and needing cheap rent. One of my favourite memories is when we had to come up with a scheme to get one of my friends boyfriends into the building without the nun at reception seeing. Without going into too much details, it involved me boosting him through the window. Gotta love being the tall friend who comes to the rescue!   

My job was three days a week at the University, Tuesday through Thursday. Most weeks I would take off at 4pm on Thursday and hit a night train to a different part of Europe, travel around and arrive back on Tuesday morning fresh off the train and into work. Meanwhile, I was taking two on-line classes for my graduate program. To say the least, it was a hectic summer, but one of the best I have ever had! Here are some pictures from my favourite highlights of Vienna.  


 Just walking around Vienna you see beautiful architecture and garden areas  

This is an awesome cafe' in the Natural History Museum. 

St. Stephen's Cathedral

 One of my favourite places to visit on the weekends was Vienna's famous Naschmarkt. You can see from the pictures below there was always a great selection of fresh foods. 

I have an obsession with olives....mmmm

Oysters and White Wine anyone? 

Fresh dried fruit

Sauerkraut- a staple in Germany and Austria

fresh home-made pastas

Lastly my favourite meal in Austria was fresh Schnitzel. The cafe' at BOKU had home-aid schnitzel every Tuesday, and it was the best thing to eat after a weekend away. It's traditionally served with boiled potatoes with a hint of vinegar. Delish!

I absolutely loved living in Vienna, Austria and would definitely recommend it as a travel destination if you are making your way through Europe.  Any readers out there ever been to Vienna? What were your highlights of your trip? Until next time, I will see you on the internet. 


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