Monday, January 17, 2011

Plans for a Better Katie in 2011

I can't believe that 2011 is in full swing, and February is peeking right around the corner. I have always been one of those people who tries to make resolutions at the start of every year, and with my big transition in 2010 my 2011 resolution is to work on myself; mind, body, and soul.  I think it is a rare opportunity to have no underlying commitments at 26. I am so blessed with a well paying job, great friends and family, and also not having to worry about silly things, like bills for example. I know, I know, this is not normal. But with my great job, I am provided free housing and this gives me no excuse to not take advantage of any opportunity I think would better me as a whole. 

With holiday vacation's popping up later this year, and a visiting Virginia for one of my best friends wedding this summer, I have been working on getting back into the best physical shape I can be in. This has been a joint effort by many different lifestyles changes, some that were forced upon me. First off, I do not have a car here Scotland, so I get the great opportunity to walk everywhere. This has been something that I missed from my days of living in Austria, and I love finding new routes in the city to wander down. There is nothing like putting my ipod in and heading downtown in this city. It never fails that I run into someone I know, and love popping into a great coffee shop to have a pot of tea.

Yesterday I visited one of the most famous coffee shops in Edinburgh, The Elephant House. Now for those Harry Potter lovers out there, it has been said that J.K. Rowling wrote Harry Potter at this coffee shop. The atmosphere is so cozy inside, and you can have your choice of tea, coffee, meal, and dessert. 
This is the view from the back window. I can see why J.K Rowling was so inspired in this place!

looks yummy doesn't it...

And now for a little bathroom humour- the toilet seat is an homage to the characters from the film. 

Back when I was a student, I had so much more time to work out and exercise.  I made a promise to myself when I moved over here to be more active, and I have been getting that ball rolling. Last November I tried out for the Women's National League here in Edinburgh and have been playing competitive volleyball three days a week. Although my body seems to be rejecting me right now, it feels great to be back on a team and play competitively.

I recently stumbled upon a little gem in Edinburgh while looking for a place to practice yoga and pilates.  Volleyball makes me super sore, and I am terrible at taking the time to stretch. Hence why I wanted to find a class that focus's on core and stretching. The Salisbury Centre is literally across the street from where I live and is the longest established holistic centre in Edinburgh. It is in a large Georgian house and offers therapies for spiritual, emotional, and physical well-being. I recently went to my first ever pilates class with my co-worker Kristin, and it was super relaxing. The space we practice in and my teacher are so welcoming. For those of you who are reading this blog in Edinburgh, you should definitely check out this spot if you want to improve flexibility and strength. I hope to continue classes here throughout the spring. 

Finally I am working on being a more sustainable person overall. I have made a promise to only use my reusable bags that my mom bought for me before I moved over to the UK when out shopping. I have been doing a great job of this thus far and want to continue it through the year. They are so great and roll up to store easily inside my bag. Plus- some stores charge you for bags, so I never go anywhere without at least one of these reusable totes stored away in my bag. So there you have it, my plans for a better Katie in 2011. Until next time, I will see you on the internet. 

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