Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Guinness Storehouse

While in Dublin this past weekend, I had the opportunity to visit the Guinness Storehouse. I was really excited because as you may know if you read my blog I love touring factories. Back in December I visited the Heineken Factory in Amsterdam, so I was looking forward to checking out the Guinness Factory to compare both places. My friend Lysney and I knew that we wanted to hit the Guinness Factory while in Dublin so we bought our tickets in advice which was a brilliant idea. Not only did we get a 10% discount, but we got to by-pass the 2 hour queue with more than 200+ people in it. We were wondering how crowed the factory would be, especially since it was St. Patrick's weekend, but buying the tickets in advance gave us quick access to the tour. 

We began our tour in a 5 story atrium that we were told was the worlds largest pint glass. The storehouse is a self guided tour that takes you through the 5 stories of the building explaining the process of brewing the beer, distribution, advertising, and how the company started and will continue to grow. 

Barley- an essential ingredient in making a fine Guinness brew. 

One of our favorite parts of the tour was an indoor waterfall. 

I really love to see how things are made. I think I get this from my parents who took me to many factories, distilleries, and breweries when growing up. In another part of the tour I learned how they use to make the barrels that were used to transport Guinness before the steel keg was introduced. 

Included in the cost of admission was a free pint of Guinness. You even had the chance to learn how to pour the perfect pint. 

Thanks to my time as a waitressing back in College, I poured my pint like a true champion!

We even got certificates of completion as "Perfect Pint Pourers"

I think I will hang this next to the certificate I earned at the Jameson Distillery where I became an official Irish Whiskey taster. 

My parents collect many different advertising Americana memorabilia, especially 60's coca-cola merchandise. I have always loved advertising collectables, especially the ones below: 

Horticulture and Guinness- a match made in heavan

Shout out to my American Friends at home! 

The 5th floor has an amazing 360 degree view of Dublin. We were there on an absolutely gorgeous day and were able to enjoy our Guinness overlooking an astounding panoramic landscape. 

 If I had to compare it to the Heineken factory I would have to say it came in 2nd place. Although it was fun, it was not as interactive as the Heineken Factory, and I have to admit was a little disappointed they didn't have horse stables at the Guinness like they did at the Heineken.   The Guinness Factory is the #1 tourist attraction in Dublin, so if you are in the city don't miss it, and also check out the Jameson Distillery!   Remember to get your tickets ahead of time. Until next time; I will see you on the internet. 

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