Wednesday, April 6, 2011

27th at 27, Portugal I love you!

Today is April 6, 2011 and I am officially 27 years old! It's so hard to believe, but my new motto is let the good times roll! Yesterday morning Carla, MMT, and I left Edinburgh for a flight to Faro, Portugal. The plane ride was enough time to read the manual to my new camera and before I knew it we touched down in Portugal! 27 countries, at 27 years old, I am so blessed with all of my opportunities! The road less traveled has taken me to so many places, and once we landed I knew it was going to be an amazing week.  As soon as we stepped off the plane we started shedding layers of clothes because it was in the mid 80's. Oh how I miss the warm sunny weather! 

Next it was on to pick up our rental car, who I have named Filipe. I haven't driven in 7 months, so I was acting a bit like Mario Andretti on the way from the airport to the hotel. I hope Filipe and his 4 cylinders can get us through the week with me behind the wheel. 

After checking into our hotel, which is a private bungalow on a rooftop in downtown Faro, we decided to explore the city. The buildings have so much character and I loved using my new camera and all of it's high tech settings. I feel like a real photographer now.  

Many of the buildings have beautiful tiles on the outside. It really gives them so much individual character and charm. 

The city of Faro is the capital of the Algarve region of Portugal. Some of the buildings are hundreds of years old. 

Throughout the entire city are clusters of orange trees. Every so often you get a scent of citrus in the air. I can't wait for some freshly squeezed orange juice for breakfast! 

The streets themselves are paved in tile mosaics. Absolutely gorgeous! 

For lunch we stopped and had a traditional Portuguese meal of fresh fish and grilled chicken. 

These little nemo's were swimming in the atlantic this morning. Now they are Carla's lunch! 

After lunch it was more wandering the city and checking out the architecture. 

How beautiful are the colors on this building?!

I mentioned earlier that there is so much character in this city. I stumbled upon this tiled man on the wall down one of the allies. I think he's taking Carla on a date tonight!

After exploring Faro it was time for a siesta. I don't understand why all countries incorporate napping into their daily routine. It is a brilliant idea!

After our siesta we took Filipe out to the western most point of Europe, Sagres. It was only a 1 1/2 hour drive from our hotel and if you are visiting Portugal this is a must see attraction. I think the photos speak for themselves. 

And there are danger signs posted, so you know me- if there is an element of danger I want to explore it!

The views were absolutely breathtaking! 

And I was happy to have my feet in the sand.

Since it is the off season we had the beach to ourselves. 

MMT enjoyed a long beach walk...

And I enjoyed taking photos on my new camera

After taking pictures, I think I snapped like 200 photos, it was time to do what I do best. Play on the rocks! 

Can you get any more beautiful than this....

or this....

or this....

 We stayed at the beach exploring the rocks until we were ready to break for dinner. We headed to a nearby town for another authentic Portuguese meal. 

I have always had a thing for Anthony Bourdain, and a part of me hopes one day he will read my blog and we will spend our lives eating and traveling the world together. (in my dreams right?!) So, Anthony, this picture is for you. A beautiful selection of fresh seafood in an authentic Portuguese rice based stew. Delicious! You can't get more authentic than this dish. 

Ever had a hamburger with an egg on top. Let me tell you, it's amazing! 

And to top off the meal, home aid flan. 

Stick a fork in me, I'm done!

The food, the beach, the architecture- I think I am in love with Portugal. And it's only day 1. Can't wait to see what tomorrow holds. Let the good times roll. 

Until next time, I will see you on the internet. 


  1. I love those green glasses? Where did you get them?

  2. Love this :) What a fab way to spend your birthday, especially when it is tipping it down with rain in Edinburgh! xxx

  3. Tell Carla "hello" from her friends and neighbors in Danville, VA. I visited Portugal with my dad and sister and have splendid memories of that fabulous trip. Thanks for posting such great photos!
    Cheryl Morrison