Sunday, April 10, 2011

Lovely Lisbon

Today we had an early start and left Seville for a 4 hour car ride back to Portugal. Our plan was to make it to Lisbon by 1pm, and we were able to navigate to  city easily and checked into our hotel by 1:30pm (after gaining an hour crossing the border back into Portugal). After a nice lunch, with you guessed it, more sangria and fresh calamari (which I have had every day since arriving), we decided to check out the city.

We read in our travel book that Lisbon is a very hard city to tackle on foot, and since we were pretty tired from the past 5 days of traveling we decided to get tickets for one of those open air on/off double decker tour buses. I am not really a fan of these buses, because I prefer to walk and get lost in city's, but I welcomed the rest with open arms. The sun was out, and I put my ipod in and enjoyed the tour of the city. I remembered my sun screen today, which I forgot at the beach at Cadiz yesterday, so I wasn't too charred by the end of the tour. The bus tour was the best 15Euros we have spent on the trip, and the ticket is good until Monday night so we plan on riding around more tomorrow and Monday before we head back to Faro. The city of Lisbon reminds me a lot of San Francisco, CA, in that the topography is extremely hilly. The bus takes you to all of the tourist destinations and right down by the water. The bridge into Lisbon even resembles the Golden Gate Bridge in San Fran too.

 Lisbon's architecture is breathtaking. The city winds up and down streets and because of the hills you never know what's going to be around the next turn. 

I love how the Portuguese incorporate color into everything! 

A lot of the buildings had amazing artwork painted on the sides of them. I am hoping to get more pictures of the buildings I missed tomorrow. 

I don't think I have seen a more colorful city! 

Even these tree chair pods were great color splash accents to this park by the ocean. I think these would be great on a University campus. 

Did you know that Lisbon has one of the oldest trolley lines in Europe? We even rode an funicular on our way to dinner tonight.  

Another reason Lisbon reminds me of San Francisco....

After we had enough of the bus tour, I attempted to capture some action air shots. From the pictures below, you can see they were all failures. We will try again tomorrow. 

so close-but the timing was off...just not enough air

Then it was time for more exploring and wandering. Don't you just love the street mosaic designs?!

I think this square had my favorite mosaic street designs thus far. 

After day 1 of exploring it was time for an authentic dinner. And let me just tell you, we stumbled onto one of the best places I have ever eaten at in my entire life! I never knew how much I would love Portuguese food! The place was packed full of locals. We knew we were in for a treat when we saw that people were overflowing out of the restaurant and onto the street. 

Just look at the starters. Homemade bread, cheeses, olives, and salami. 

Then came the entrees. I had squid of course, while MMT and Carla had a shrimp and rice dish. We ended up splitting our food and couldn't even finish there was so much. 

Think we may go back for seconds tomorrow! 

I am so glad to be back in Portugal after our fiasco with Seville. Tomorrow I plan on doing more tanning on the open air bus, exploring and shopping in downtown Lisbon, drinking sangria, and eating more fresh seafood. Life is so great right now! 

Until next time, I will see you on the internet.  

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