Monday, April 4, 2011

Playing in Holyrood Park

Yesterday MMT, Carla, and I woke up to a beautiful day with the perfect weather to hike the famous Arthur Seat. The sun was out and after figuring out the game plan I packed my backpack and we headed out into Holyrood Park.  I had been telling MMT that this was a mandatory attraction on her list of things to do while she was visiting me in the Burgh, and although she was nervous (since she doesn't like heights) she conquered the hill like a true champion! 

We began the hike at the base of the Park which is about a two minute walk from my flat. I am so happy to have this green space so close to my place and really need to take more advantage of it this summer!   

Check out the blue skies! Since MMT and Carla have arrived we have been blessed with amazing weather conditions! In fact, I don't think it's rained once since they've arrived, and for Scotland that is very rare.

The first part of the climb is primarily a stair hike. MMT kept saying, ''I'm feeling the burn,'' Gotta love mother nature's stair-master!

The higher we progressed the better the views. Can you see the North Sea in the distance? 

MMT and Me

Carla, MMT, and Me


more climbing...

 and more climbing...

but the views were definitely worth it! 

The group of buildings bordering the park is Pollock Halls where I work and live. 

Back side of the crags

Carla almost at the summit

Finally we made it to the summit! It was amazing to get a 360 degree panoramic view of Edinburgh

MMT at the summit

Carla at the summit

After taking in the views from the top we decided to poke around Holyrood Park. I enjoyed playing on some of the rocks.

We checked out some remains of St Anthony's Chapel which was built in the first part of the 15th century. 

Loving the green all around me! So happy spring has arrived

St. Margaret's Loch below

Carla and MMT wanted to check out the swans. Since I am afraid of birds, (enjoy laughing at me on this one) I hung out in the distance. 

Although I was able to get some great photos even standing far away. 

We spent 3 1/2 hours hiking around the park. Last night I even noticed my face was a bit sun-kissed from being outside all day! Today MMT and Carla are visiting the highlands while I prepare for Portugal. Can't wait to hit my 27th country for my 27th Birthday. Let the good times roll. 

Until next time, I will see you on the internet. 

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