Sunday, April 24, 2011

Road Trip to North Berwick Beach

Today is Sunday, April 24 2011 and it is my first Easter Sunday in the great country of Scotland. This morning the sun was shining bright and my friend Lynsey decided we would take her car for a road trip to North Berwick beach to show my friend Ortie around Scotland.  We piled into Lynsey's polo VW, who we like to call Percey, and made our way north east of Edinburgh up the scenic coast to the beach. The drive was beautiful and we made it there in about 45 minutes with only two missed turns.  I was presently surprised when we parked our car that their was a traditional Scottish garden with many perennials and bulbs in full bloom. So of course I had to play in the dirt for a bit and get some pictures of all of the flowers. 

One of my favorite herbaceous perennials, Dicentra aka Bleeding Heart

Ortie was ready and willing to strike a pose on request. 

Ortie and Lynsey under the Yew archway

After playing in the garden, we strolled through town. The tulips were blooming everywhere we turned. 

North Berwick has a lot of cute shops and places to get fresh seafood. The shops are quaint and charming and the town is full of life.  

Yum, candy shop! 

Ortie and I were definitely enjoying the sun! 

After checking out the town, we headed towards the shore. It was so good to smell the salt air and put my feet in the sand. 

Even though the water was FREEZING, I had to put my feet in the Black Sea. 

Ortie also ventured into the water, but quickly ran out!

Here is a boy, canoeing to the island of lost boys. Say hello to my old friends for me. 

Then it was time for my favorite types of photos. Action shots! Thanks to my new camera, we were able to get some fun ones of us floating in mid air! 

After about 10 attempts, the girls finally got one of me off the ground. 

All that jumping= two tired ladies 

But we had time for an interview to find out what the Scottish men really wear under their kilts. 

After our video shoot, we went to play on some rocks. 
I just love the beach!

Playing at the beach for a few hours helped us work up an appetite. What a better way to end our day at North Berwick than with some fish and chips. They were delish!

 The massive rocks along the beach have light houses built right into the side of their cliffs. My great grandfather was one of the last keepers of the Cape Hatteras Light House in the OBX, so I have always loved lighthouses. 

North Berwick was such a charming town and it's only a short drive out of the city. I definitely want to go back as the weather gets warmer. 

Until next time, I will see you on the internet. 

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