Sunday, April 3, 2011

The Scotch Whisky Experience

Yesterday MMT, Carla, and I had a blast touring Edinburgh. I am still having a hard time believing they are really here, it seems so surreal! I was so excited that my mom decided to write a guest blog post and give her perspective on my city. We have been having fantastic weather since they have arrived, and we are keeping our fingers crossed the rain holds off for our Arthur Seat Hike later this trip. There are so many tourist attractions in Edinburgh, and I have been wanting to check out the  Scotch Whisky Experience since arriving in September. The only thing I needed, the right people to tour this facility with. When MMT and Carla mentioned they were game for the tour, we decided to spend our afternoon checking out the place and it was definitely a fun time!  

The first part of the tour is super cheesy. You load into a giant whiskey barrel for a ride through the scotch distilling process. It reminded me a bit of the hershey ride in Hershey, PA although definitely didn't smell as amazing as that chocolate factory! 

We learned about the history of Scotch Whisky...

and the different regions where Scotch is made 

MMT and Carla enjoying their Scotch Whisky Tour

 After learning about the process that goes into making Scotch Whisky it was time for a tasting. We had a few different whiskey's to choose many choices! 
and more choices....

wait more choices? OK this room is ridiculous! I have never seen so many scotch whisky options in all of my life. 

MMT knew exactly what she wanted.  She was all smiles! 

 Cheers to tasting Scotch in Scotland! 

Me and MMT

Two Thorne women on the loose in the Burgh- hope this city can handle us :-)

The end of the tour landed us in the McIntyre whisky gallery. We had the option to sample a multitude of different scotch whisky's. 

 MMT was done with her tasting for the day, but Carla and I were wanting to try a special they had which was a dark chocolate and scotch whisky pairing. 

Dark Chocolate+Scotch Whiskey=one magically delicious combination

Carla and I were two happy American's! 

Overall, the tour was really interesting, interactive, and a good time. If you are visiting the city, definitely check out this attraction.

 Until next time, I will see you on the internet. 

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  1. Great time! Glad to hear that you are enjoying yourselves! Keep the news coming! Ellen R