Thursday, April 7, 2011

Seville- A Love Hate Relationship

This morning Carla, MMT and I hopped in Filipe and headed east towards Seville, Spain. According to mapquest, the journey should have taken 2hours and 1 minute. 5 1/2 hours later, and extremely frazzled and frustrated we made it to our hotel. Why the extended time on our journey, well, Seville is a combination of Rome, Paris, and NYC's streets and traffic times 10. Even though we had detailed directions right to our hotel, we kept getting lost because streets like to just change names and directions when they feel like it. After 2 hours of being lost, we even asked a taxi driver if we could pay him to take us to our hotel, and we would follow. 10 minutes later, he gave up because he couldn't find the street. So what saved us, Carla's ipad. At one point we thought, forget Seville, let's move on to the next destination, but luckily we were able to find our hotel which is hidden inside Seville's historic district. At this point, I wasn't on speaking terms with Seville. 

 Since we thought it would only take 2 hours to get to Seville, we forwent breakfast in Portugal, so by the time we dropped our bags we were super hungry! First stop, sangria and tapas. This took the edge off from the stressful morning, although I was still having a hard time relaxing. 

After lunch, which was at 4pm, we decided to hit the streets since we only have planned for a day and 1/2 here. I was pretty angry that we wasted 3 extra hours trying to find our hotel, but I quickly started to move on and enjoy all that Seville has to offer. 

The architecture throughout the city is very Moorish and they love encorporating tile into everything. Second bad news of the day, my camera battery died. One of my golden rules for traveling is to bring extra batteries but because I had a new camera I didn't have one on me. Luckily Carla saved the say and was able to document the rest of the time we spent exploring the city. 

It was nice to take a break from being behind the camera for a bit, and of course I was ready to strike a pose whenever we saw a photo opportunity. 

There are horse drawn carriages to take you through the historic center of town. 

 The city has great architecture and details in their statues, buildings, and tile work. The weather was mid 80's so we definitely enjoyed the sun! 

We even stopped by the University of Seville. 

We also visited the Plaza de Espana

Again, I was loving the attention to detail in the architecture. 

After checking out the Plaza de Espana, MMT and Carla decided they wanted to visit the Seville Cathedral, but I was toured out. So while they were inside I wandered around and found a great street performer. I heard a wise German man once say, sometimes all you need is a guy and a guitar. He was right, after listening to this musician pick his guitar like a champ, I was back in action and Seville and I were on speaking terms again.    

And then to finish the day I had some mango gelato. It was delish!

Seville and I got off on rocky terms, but the day progressed into a positive direction. Tomorrow it's more exploring of Seville, trekking it to Cadiz, and then off to a flamenco show. Let the good times roll.

Until next time, I will see you on the internet. 

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  1. This German guy must be really wise. A guy and a guitar - thats all you need... that sounds poetic!