Friday, June 17, 2011

Cowgirl Up

I arrived back in the USA on Wednesday afternoon and since arriving it's been a whirlwind. One of the main reason's for my trip home is to celebrate my friend Christina's wedding this Saturday. Last night was her bachelorette party, and because CB is a Texas native the theme was Cowgirl Up. All of CB's friends showed up in full cowgirl attire to celebrate her last few nights as a single lady.

I was so excited to see all of my old friends. I started the night at my friend Sarah's new apartment with our good friend Amy. Our reunion was much needed, and it was fun to hear all the exciting details that have been going on in their lives since I left last September. We are all excited because next March Sarah will be the next one to tie the knot! These two ladies are deeply missed from my every day life in Scotland, but I am loving the time we are getting to spend together while I am back in the USA. After we got our cowgirl outfits on we headed out to meet the rest of the group. Downtown Richmond hasn't changed a bit in the 10 months I have been away, and the reunion's continued. I loved seeing all of the close friends who are still living in RVA. 

Senske, Me, Adrian and Tamra

Ryan, Me, Debbie, Adrian and Sarah
Tamra and Me- My good friend from Ashland.

Ortie and I were just together this past May, so I felt so great to see her again! 

I was so happy to see my good friend Ryan. We have had so many great times in Ashland and Richmond, and especially at concerts! I missed going with her to the Wailers this past summer, but I know she rocked out for the two of us. 

Our guest of honor, Christina Brown, was ready to get her party on! She looked great in her cowgirl hat veil and was teaching us all how to country line dance! We are all so excited for the big day tomorrow! More to come from the USA. 

 Until next time, I will see you on the internet. 

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