Friday, June 10, 2011

Happy Birthday Dad!

Today is June 10th and is a very special day because my Dad is celebrating his birthday back at home in the USA! It's been 10 months since I have been able to see him in person, but in just a few days we will reunite when I am home on my summer holiday. Today's Flashback Friday post is in honor of one of the greatest men I know, my Dad, Terry Thorne. For those of you who have had the privilege of spending time with my Dad in person, you know that he brings a fun loving spirit to any situation.  As far back as I can remember, my Dad has been a strong influence on my life and has helped me grow into the person I have become today. There have also been so many great memories I have of me and my Dad, and when I think back on my 27 years, I don't know what I would have done without him. 

Ter-Ter, as I often call him, is definitely a unique character, always leading by example. Growing up in my house was always an adventure with him, and one of his favorite quotes would be so say, "with dad you never know." This expression is legendary in the Thorne household, because my dad is the type of person to load us all into our motor home on New Years Eve to drive us up North on a spontaneous adventure, or surprise us with tickets to see the Indy 500. He is a jack of all trades, and is known as the man with the best lawn in Vienna. He can fix anything, from snowblowers to lawnmowers. If something has a small engine, it doesn't have a chance to stop working around this man. And did I mention he is a collector. Some people collect stamps, others collect books, my dad collects American Memorabilia ranging from antique cars, to neon clocks, jukeboxes, and coke a cola machines. I use to love it when he would come back from antique fairs, yard sales, auctions, or car shows, because it was always exciting to see what Dad brought home. It's funny because for the longest time, I thought that I was living like every other American child, but looking back now I realize my childhood was far from normal. Raised in a household with jukeboxes in every room, and big kid toys in the garage like our 1960 Chevrolet impala that my Dad would bring out on special occasions, I had the best childhood and am so lucky to have the parents I did. 

If you know me, you know that one thing I am an expert in is laughing. I love being around people who make me laugh and I love making people laugh. This is definitely a Thorne trait, and my dad is the expert of making people laugh. Don't ever challenge him in the Laughing Game, because you will loose. No matter how many times I have challenged him and lost in the past, I will forever try to beat him at his own game. Another thing my dad is the master at is music knowledge and trivia. I remember when I was really little I would get dragged along to record stores, and would see him searching for albums to add to one of our 8 jukeboxes. Another about me is I am a bit obsessed with music. My dad is the reason why, and the knowledge about music he passed onto me will be one of the greatest gifts he could have ever given me. 

My Dad has always been there for me during special milestones in my life. Dad- remember the time when the Vienna Magic beat the undefeated Chanitlly Lace in basketball. I will never forget you running onto the court with your hands in the air cheering to celebrate the victory with me. And the hundreds of other basketball and volleyball games you attended, pushing me to be the best from the sideline. No matter if it was a win or a loss, good game or bad, my dad was always there supporting me.  One of the proudest days for me was graduating from Virginia Tech, and even though there was a snow blizzard a few days before, my Dad was determined to get the family to Blacksburg to watch me walk across the stage to accept my diploma. 

 Always up for an adventure, my Dad is crazy at times just like me. The picture below was taken on Christmas Day 2007. What family spends Christmas 4 wheeling in Mexico- the Thorne's do!  

I have mentioned my family owns a motor home. My dad has driven us all over the USA- 42 states to be exact. From the Southern most point in Key West, to the Grand Canyon, to Niagara Falls, my dad is a machine behind the wheel. We have so many fun stories from our road trips across the USA. I loved going to sleep and waking up each day in a new city, town, or State. Again, looking back, I can't believe that I had the privilege of seeing America. My parents are amazing, and I can't say it enough!  One year my dad took me and my friends on a wine tour of Virginia in the motor home for my birthday. All I can say is we were thankful for 1.  a designated driver and 2.  an on board bathroom. The thousands of miles he has driven in that motor home and the memories we made on those trips will stay with me forever. 

Another thing about my amazing Dad is that he is a Harley Man. I started riding with him at three years old. He would sit me in front of him in his lap and take me on cruises around the neighbourhood. There is nothing like riding on a Harley. Even though I love Harley's they are too bad for me, so I decided to get a vespa when I got my first real job. And guess who was there to teach me how to ride it? Thankfully my Dad has been blessed with a lot of patience, and he worked with me until I felt comfortable enough to hit the open road. 

I could go on forever about how amazing my Dad is, and hopefully from this post those of you who haven't met him will now see how lucky I am to have him as my Dad. So Ter-Ter I wish you nothing but love and happiness on your birthday! I can't wait to see you next week- and be prepared to loose at the laughing game. 

Ocean City ,Maryland

St. Marteen 2005 

 Until next time, I will see you on the internet! 

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