Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The German Turns 29!

I can't believe I have already been back from the USA for over a week.  Even though I was sad to leave everyone, I was really excited to get back to the Burgh because 4 days after arriving the German flew in for a visit. This wasn't just any visit, he was in town to celebrate his 29th birthday! I had a lot planned for the weekend, and what better way to start off the birthday celebration than with a fabulous meal. We headed to Mussel and Steak Bar in the Grassmarket and feasted on fresh seafood and steak. It was outstanding and we are already planning on going back the next time the German's back in town. 

We started off sharing a pot of fresh mussels...

and we were sure to finish every last bite since it was so delish! 

After dinner we headed to Malone's pub for an evening of live music and dancing. 

Jo and Lynsey came out to help in the celebration! 

And many Guiness were had by all! 

The German even showed us his dance moves at the end of the night, dancing to AC/DC's Jailbreak. I would upload the dancing video, but some things are better kept off the internet ;-)

Alles Gute zum Geburstag

Saturday morning we headed north of Edinburgh to Kirriemuir. This was one of my first road trips, and considering that neither the German or myself are use to driving on the left side of the road, we did pretty well. Or, I should say he did a good job of driving since I didn't once get behind the wheel. I prefer to be the co-pilot. There are a few things to see a in Kirriemuir, but the reason for our journey there was to celebrate the birthday of a Rock Legend, Bon Scott. Bon's birthday is the same as the German's which was a perfect fit since the German's favorite rock band of all time is AC/DC. We walked around the town, which was crawling with Germans who were in town for Bon Fest. The German had friends who traveled by bus from Germany more than 30 hours on a pilgrimage to Bon Fest, now that's dedication!  

The town hall had some AC/DC memorabilia, so of course we had to stop in to check it out. 

We went for a visit to the local pub and the birthday festivities rolled on. 

Later that evening before the show we enjoyed fish and chips in a local pub and then met up with some of the German's friends. I was quite impressed at some of the lengths the fans went to to show their support to the band. Someone lent me their patch jacket for a quick photo, and I stopped a random man on the street to snap a picture of his tatoo. 

The German with his friend Rafael

The show was a blast, and the crowd made the show even better. I especially loved the last song, Long Way to the Top, when 8 bagpipers came out on stage to close the show. 

We were staying at Balmashanner Bed and Breakfast  in Forfar, Scotland for the night. When we pulled up I was trying to harness a mild panic attack because there were roosters, chickens, ducks, and wild turkeys running around the car and grounds. Ok I know, it's ridiculous, my Ornithophobia is funny for people who get to witness it, but seriously people, I about had a heart attack trying to get from the car to the front door. 

The couple that ran the B & B were lovely, and they served  us a traditional Scottish Breakfast in our room.  We had a fantastic view of the Scottish countryside and it seemed like we were in the middle of no where.  The meal was a bit too much for me, but I did enjoy sampling all of the various items with the exception of the black pudding and the baked beans. I still haven't adopted this beans on toast breakfast tradition, but it is quite popular all over the UK.   

After filling up on our breakfast, the German and I headed to Glamis Castle for the 37th Scottish Transport Extravaganza. When we were headed to Bonfest our cab driver told us about this event, and I was super excited. Since I grew up going to vintage car shows with my family, I was interested in seeing how the UK show would compare, and I was not let down! We were also lucky with sunshine and warm weather, which is rare in Scotland. 

Glamis Castle and Car Show

The German and Me enjoying some sun rays! 

Since it was raining like cats and dogs for most of the weekend the fields were a bit muddy. The German got a chance to break in his new birthday gift that I brought back all the way from the USA. Good thing converse can go into the washing machine! 

I think the car that was most popular at the car show was the one and only, Mini Cooper. I love these little cars, and some even had custom designs. I especially loved the Scotland Mini! 

The German's favorite Mini was the Ace of Spades.

It was nice to just stroll around the show checking out the vintage cars. Here are a few of my favs from the day: 

The show also had some vintage bicycle's. 

Tandem anyone?

I was really excited to see a Penny-farthing from the 1800's. I had only seen these on TV and never in person, but after standing next to this bike I have no idea how anyone could feasibly ride this thing. 

There was also a vintage motorcycle section. 

My favorite ''motorcycle'' was the German Isetta, which was made famous by the one and only Steve Urckel.  It was pretty funny to find out they also had this show in Germany. Even though we grew up almost 4000 miles from each other the German and I both loved watching Steve Urckel as kids.  
Herbie the Love Bug was also at the show. Gotta love VW's! 

This 1958 Buick was my favorite car from the show! 

But there were a few others I really loved....

Check out this Chrysler pulling a vintage Airstream from the 50's!

and this vintage bus....

vintage fire engine

Followed by Fred Flintstones car! 


After the car show we headed back into the Burgh for dinner. It was a fabulous weekend for sure! Next on the agenda is a trip to Dublin this weekend with my Brother and the German. Stay Tuned for updates from that adventure next week! 

Until next time, I will see you on the internet.


  1. What a fabulous weekend it was... Next stop: Dublin!

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