Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Summer in the Burgh

Can we talk about how much I love seeing the sun here in the Burgh?! The past two weeks, the weather here has been magnificent, and I have been trying to take as much advantage of it as possible because I know it won't last for very long. This past weekend my brother and friend Tricia were in town, so we decided to seize the day with a hike up Arthur's Seat. We laughed when we got to the top because we realized that we were all sporting our Alma Mater t-shirts. 

I sometimes forget how lucky I am to have Holyrood park in my backyard. It's such a great adult playground!  
Tricia and Me at the base and then the summit. 

It was nice having my brother around to play photographer since normally this is my job. This was our favorite photo of the day because both Tricia and I felt we looked like deer in the woods. 

It is crazy to think that Tricia, Dave and I all graduated from O.L.G.C, PVI, and are from the same home town of Vienna, Virginia. We were so happy to be together at the top of Arthur's seat so we paid homage to our home town with a rock formation. We are proud to say we are from the 703!    

After our hike we decided to relax in the Meadow's with Elephant's and Bagels take-out. There was a game of cricket going on we watched, although I have no idea how the game works. The Meadow's were packed with people, and I love getting out with fellow Edinburgher's when the weather is as amazing as it's has been the past few weeks! 
After our great day enjoying the sun we decided to hit up one of my favorite Thai restaurants right around the corner from my flat. If in the Burgh I recommend trying The Wild Elephant. Below is Dave and me at dinner. 

Sunday, after putting Dave on the bus back to the airport, Tricia, Lyndsey and I decided to take a day trip to South Queensferry. We enjoyed great sights of Fourth Road Bridges and a great lunch at an outdoor cafe. 

Tricia and I trying to work on our tan in Scotland. 

Tricia and Dave left on Sunday, and tomorrow my two friends from the USA arrive for 1 1/2 weeks. Let the good times roll.

Until next time, i will see you on the internet.  

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