Sunday, December 4, 2011

Ice Ice Baby

The Christmas season is in full swing here in Edinburgh, and the city really knows how to celebrate the holidays. The German arrived to town Thursday night, and we have spent every day down at the German Christmas markets feasting on some of Germany's finest traditional foods.  It's been getting colder here, and today we were pleasantly surprised to wake up and see the first snow of the winter season. Even though it was just a dusting, it made the view from my flat even more amazing!

We made our way down to the Christmas markets to fuel up for our big day. We were both looking forward to traditional German sausages! 

They have so many different kinds of sweet temptations including freshly baked applestrudle with cherries and vanilla sauce. 

We also had one of our favourite German dishes called kaesespaetzle. It's kind of like the German's version of mac n' cheese and it's so delish!

Downtown Edinburgh has many rides, games, and an ice rink for people to enjoy during December. I decided that we were going ice skating, and even though the German had never skated in his life he was ready to give it a try! 

His first few laps were a bit shaky, but after a while he got the hang of it! 

I had to document it with a video - so for a good laugh, click on the picture below to start the clip. 

The rink was packed, but it was really lovely to see all the families, couples, and people of the city out enjoying the day together. 

 And neither of us fell....success! 

After our hour on the ice, we headed back to the markets for some more amazing food. I really wish they were here year round! 
Edinburgh is so festive at the holidays making it so easy to get into the Christmas spirit! Tomorrow we are heading north to the Isle of Skye for a few nights. We are hoping for more snow and some amazing views of the Scottish countryside! 

Until next time, I'll see you on the internet. 


  1. Yay for ice skating the first time. Edinburgh's Christmas Market rink has done that for so many people