Thursday, March 8, 2012

A French Sojourn

Holy cow how is it already March and where did the last three months go?! I know it has been a super long time since my last post at the start of December but since then my life has been pretty chaotic with work. The past few months I have really been just getting into the swing of the new year with the usual post holiday plan of working out, eating right, and trying to stay motivated with goals for the year. 

 I am also sad to say that my Grandma Thorne passed away last week at 88 years old. Being so far away from home and having to go through such a loss so far away from all of my family back home was a lot harder than I expected it to be, but everyone here has been so supportive during the tough time. I got so many messages from friends around the globe, and am so thankful to have a large supportive group of friends and family. With all of the stressful things going on I was in need of a weekend escape. 

I get so pumped to explore places I have never been to, and knowing I was having a hard few weeks the German really planned the best getaway for a quick overnight trip.  I had never been to Strasbourg, France and was keen to explore the city and all it had to offer so the German and I headed off for our first adventure of 2012. One of the main attractions is a gigantic Cathedral located in the middle of the old city. It was really an amazing site to see in person.

One thing I really love about the German is his ability to plan. It's so nice to arrive from a flight and not have to worry about anything for the weekend. He found us a great deal on a hotel in the old city overlooking the canal. I think I may be getting a little spoiled because I rarely have to figure out what's next on our game plan because he always has it planned out!

Spring is definitely starting to peek it's head here in Europe and when the sun came out we decided to take a canal cruise around the old city. One of the highlights for me was a section called Petite France or "Little France." It was so charming and gave a glimpse of what the city looked like hundreds of years ago. 

And of course who can go to France and not enjoy CREPES! I have a tiny obsession with crepes, as many of my friends know.  Side note: Did I mention that the German's mom got me a crepe maker for Christmas? It's awesome! I also had to try one of the sugar dusted pretzels. I was able to ease my sweet tooth cravings with all the delicious baked goods this past weekend. 

It was so fantastic to get some blue skies and sun! I must admit I am over winter and looking forward to warmer weather this spring and summer. We enjoyed meandering through the old streets enjoying the French culture. 

Cafe outside our hotel
 The city was so beautiful at night as you can see from the picture below. There were also street performers playing traditional French music, and I was totally loving every minute of it! 

 In the morning we decided to follow the canal path around the city from our hotel back to Little France. It was great to be able to stroll around with The German again, and he is recovering fast from his knee surgery!

Although it was a quick trip it was just was I needed.  I finally feel a sense of relief from the crazy start to the year. Next week the German will be back in the Burgh for our 1 year anniversary and St. Patrick's Day celebrations! I am so excited I can hardly stand it. Then 9 days later, I am off with him to the USA for one of my best friend's weddings! Spring 2012 is going to be so much fun. Hopefully I will have more exciting blogs in the coming weeks. Looking forward to the good times ahead. 

Until next time, I will see you on the internet.