Tuesday, May 22, 2012


Last week I spent the week country hopping with my mom, her friend Sue, the German, and the German's parents. The great thing about western Europe is the ability to see different countries every few days. We started with two nights in Amsterdam.  The bed and breakfast was right on the canal and was so lovely! It was by far the best accommodation we had during our trip, so if visiting and need a place to stay I would recommend it!  
I had been to Amsterdam a few times before the trip, so I helped play tour guide showing everyone the highlights of the city including the Heineken Factory. We also did a canal cruise, walked the red light, and mom and Sue visited the Van Gogh and Anne Frank house. After two short nights we were off in our car to the next stop, The Keukenhof tulip festival! 

The Tulip festival was Mom and Sue's favorite part of the trip.

We saw over a hundred different spieces of tulips.

Pink Ones...
Yellow Ones...
White and Red...
Orange...Ok I think you get the point. Lots of Tulips!
The German was such a good sport trekking it around the festival with us!

Mom on the lily pads
There was a group of people with Newfoundland dogs. Here is the Luxembourg Chamption. So Cute!

The family of Newfoundland dogs.

We were loving the sunshine! I welcomed any UV rays since I don't get so many in Edinburgh.

After the tulip fields we headed south to Belgium. On the way we saw tons of windmills and green pastures with cows and canals. Holland looked exactly as we envisioned it to be.

Next stop, Belgium!

We had a day of rain so we took a day trip to Brussles. there we saw some interesting sights.

Including the famous Manneken Pis

And the Atonium which was built for the world's fair in the 1950's.

When we got to Ghent the German's parents met up with us. We had a fun time walking around this medieval city and taking a canal cruise. We took 3 in total on the trip, so I think I am canal cruised out for the year!

The Gravensteen castle in Ghent.
My favorite part of Belgium was Brugges. I had been there a seven years before when I backpacked as a student, and the city looked so familiar to me.

Canal cruise #3 in Brugges

The German at the main square in Brugges

Big Belgium Beer

For me the best part about Belgium was waffles with whip cream and chocolate sauce, YUM!

Oh yeah, they are a little messy to eat!

We also took a half day trip to the beach in Oostende. Here is a lovely shot of the Germans.

The Germans and the Americans.

When I saw that you could rent these peddle cars I insisted the group give it a try. It was quite the workout! 

Mom and Sue left us in Brussles and the German and I headed off to Luxemboug. I was pretty excited to visit a new country, #29 and counting!

Views from the Castle in Luxemborg

From there we headed onto Germany for the rest of the weekend. It was a very busy trip, but good to visit with family and friends!

Until next time, I will see you on the internet.

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