Saturday, June 30, 2012

Our Quick Escape to the Country

Summer is in full swing here in Scotland, and the weather has really been hit or miss but I've been making the best of the rainy days. The past two weeks have really felt like a whirl-wind, and I am excited to report that the German has moved from Germany to Edinburgh! We are really ready to begin a new chapter together here in Scotland and are looking forward to our upcoming visitors over the next few months! His brother, sister-in-law, and niece visited us already last week, and he will be writing a guest blog about that trip over the next few days, so stay tuned. 
Not only did the German make the big move to the UK, but his trusty French Peugeot "Jaques" relocated  as well. Edinburgh is so accessible by bus, bike, and on foot I haven't missed having a car, but I must admit ever since Jaques arrived I have been taking advantage of having him around. Today we decided to explore some of the area outside of Edinburgh using an old fashioned map. GPS is great, but a lot of times you miss some of the great highlights a map can provide, and we definitely found some hidden gems only a few hours from our flat. 

 All of the fields were filled with sheep, sheep, and more sheep.

 I especially love the ones with the black faces. 

I feel like it's rained every day in June, so we were very excited to see some blue skies throughout the day.

But the rain sure does make the landscape look lush! 

 We left Edinburgh and within about thirty minutes we were surrounded by rolling hills and beautiful views. 

I love taking country roads over the highway. 

Although sometimes you are slowed down by sheep in the road! 

We made our way to the Southern Uplands where we stopped for a breather. 

Jaques really loved the views!

Beep Beep! 

Great creek in the hills

More great views! 

There was a path taking us on the Grey Mare Tails trail to an awesome waterfall. 

The picture really couldn't capture how spectacular the view was, as pictures often do, but you get the general idea. 

On our way down we saw some sheep take over the picnic area. 

 And they were also blocking the road. Silly sheep! 

Bah, Ram, Ewe

A few minutes back on the road and we were lead to St. Mary's Loch. 

It was absolutely beautiful!

After we finished in the hills we decided to venture to the coast. I really love being so close to hills and coastline, I get the best of both worlds within a days drive! We went to Belhaven Beach in Dunbar, which is about a 30 minutes drive from our flat. 

We saw about 50 jellyfish on the shore, so no swimming for us. Plus the water was absolutely freezing so you would need a wet suit if you fancied a swim.  Since we were without wetsuits we decided to take a walk. 

 As we were walking back to the car we were greeted with an amazing full rainbow over the beach. 

What a great way to end our day! Here's to more exciting road trip adventures! 

 Until next time, I'll see you on the internet.