Sunday, February 17, 2013

Isle of Mull

Happy new year blog readers! It's been a while since my last post and iI can't believe it's already mid February in 2013! Life has been keeping Christian and I quite busy, but this past weekend we decided to take a quick trip to explore the west coast of Scotland and the Isle of Mull. This island is located in the Inner Hebrides and has less than 2,600 inhabitants. We both are keen to explore more of Scotland and this was a perfect weekend getaway. 

In order to get to Mull we needed to catch a ferry from Oban, which is about a 3 hour drive from Edinburgh. We headed to Oban on Friday night and caught an early ferry over to Mull which took about 45 minutes. Once we arrived we headed to the town of Tobermory which is the largest town on the island with around 900 residents. Since it was the off season most of the shops were closed, but we both enjoyed strolling around the quaint town and talking to some locals. Everyone was really friendly, and I loved the painted shops which really brightened up the scene in the grey weather. 

We got to enjoy some fresh fish from this little food vendor. Apparently the fisherman had just brought in the catch a few hours before we were there as they couldn't go out earlier in the week due to bad weather. As you can imagine the fish was delicious. 

As it is mid-February the weather was constantly changing. We headed off for a tour of the coast of the island with our car and the views were spectacular. 

Christian took most of the photos this trip and really did a great job. This was one of our favourites he snapped just as the weather was changing. 

We found a white sand beach called Calgary. Our B and B owner said it would remind us of the Caribbean, but we still felt like we were in Scotland. Nevertheless we loved our afternoon stroll on the beach and felt like we were in the middle of nowhere. 

Walking at Calgary Beach...

Not a bad lunch view!

The isle had so many herds of Highland Coo. 

I loved this guy!

We also stumbled on a shipwreck at the coast. We were never sure what we would find around each bend we took. 

The weather was quite good on Sunday. We ended up hiking around Duart Castle. This was used in the film Entrapment.

The views from around the castle were really stunning as the sun was out.  

This picture shows mainland Scotland in the distance. 

Boys will be boys! 

We also made it to the southern part of the island. Driving from the tip of the island to the bottom was around a 1 hour 45 min drive. Sheep in the road kept delaying our journey but we didn't mind. After all, it's not every day you get held up by a sheep traffic jam. When we finally made it to the most Southern point we were excited for a bit of exploring. 

We hiked around some of the rocks and when the sun was out the water was turquoise (I know hard to believe in Scotland but it was awesome!)

In the distance is the Isle of Iona, another small remote island in Scotland. 

After two days on the island we boarded our ferry back to Oban with a spectacular sunset and Duart Castle in the view. 

Mull was a great weekend away and now it's back to life in the Burgh. Hopefully this blog's future will have more posts from the islands in Scotland! 

Until next time, I'll see you on the internet. 

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