Monday, August 5, 2013

Seafest Weekend

It's August, and summer is quickly coming to an end. August is a great month in the Burgh because of the Fringe Festival, but it also takes a toll on locals with the hording crowds and tourists taking over the place. Christian and I decided to get away this past weekend and visit the town of Arbroath which is located on the Eastern Shore of Scotland. My good friend Mel is from there and has been trying to get me up to visit her hometown for a few years. We finally made it, and it was a fantastic weekend! Arbroath is known for fishing, and during the weekend boats were colorfully decorated with many flags. The weather has been amazing this summer in Scotland, and was in the high 70's this past weekend! We couldn't have asked for anything better. 

We drove up early Saturday morning and arrived, checked into our B and B and then met up with Mel for lunch. We went to a little cafe called Sugar and Spice, one of her favorite restaurants. It happened to be next to the chippy she worked at when she was a wee girl. It was really fun getting to know her hometown and all the places she use to frequent. 

Arbroath is famous for smokies, which are fish that are cooked using an old smoking method.  Little smokehouses were everywhere and an aroma of smoked fish was in the air throughout the town. It reminded me a bit of Ketchikan, Alaska, which is about the same latitude as Arbroath.  It's hard to believe I live as far North as Alaska! 

My favorite part of Seafest was all of the decorated boats at the harbor. The colors were great to photograph. 

 Mel and Me at Seafest

  Mel's Aunt owns a pub in town that had karyoke for the festival. This was a highlight watching Scots enjoying themselves and singing along to the music. I was lucky enough to meet Mel's entire family; from parents to siblings to nieces. They are so lovely and made me feel like I was home with my family! 

Sunday we decided to venture out of town to visit one of the castles closely called Dunnottar. On the way we stopped at a farm shop for breakfast. It is berry season here in the UK and I feel like all I have been eating is berries!  

We made it to Dunnotar and the weather was perfect!  

Every time I see these old castles I wonder how they were constructed, especially this one which was at a point on a cliff.  

The views to the sea were amazing 

Christian and Me

There was even a bagpiper, could it get anymore Scottish?!

Mel and Me

On our way back to Arbroath we stopped at a lighthouse...

and Lunan Bay, one of the best beaches on the East Coast of Scotland. It was quite windy by the time we got there, but the sun was out and it was so pretty.  

I think the beach pics speak for themselves. 

After our day of exploring we had a family BBQ with Mel's family. I really didn't want to leave but had to head back to the Burgh for work this morning. This summer has been amazing and I hope the weather continues to be brilliant! We have one last weekend away before my madness with work begins. Any suggestions on where to visit?

Until next time, we'll see you on the internet. 

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