Thursday, October 24, 2013

Corfu, Greece

Turquoise water, fresh seafood, stunning sunsets, Greek food, secret beaches...these are some of the words that come to mind when I think back to my holiday in Corfu last week.  One of my busiest times of the year at work is September, so having such a relaxing week in the sun was exactly what I needed for a re-charge. I had traveled to Greece in 2010 before my move to Scotland, but had never been to the island of Corfu. We left rainy Scotland and just 3 1/2 hours later we were in 25 degree weather! We were worried about rain during our trip, but only had one rainy breakfast the entire week.  

On our first morning it was raining at breakfast so we hopped in our rental car and headed to explore Corfu city. By the time we arrived the sun was out. Walking around the city reminded me a bit of Barcelona  just on a much smaller scale. 

Christian and Me in Corfu city.  

Church in Corfu City 

The water was crystal clear and the perfect swimming temperature

There were also lots of little winding streets and shops 

Since we were there for a week we decided to spend every other day exploring different parts of the island. We did enjoy our beach days, but the German and I can get restless so also were up for the exploration adventures. Our hotel was situated on the West Coast, and the picture below is the North East coast.  

This was one of Christian's favorite spots on the island called Kassiopi. 

The week before we arrived there was a big storm in the sea, so the beach which is normally like a bathtub was full of waves. It was pretty spectacular to watch and it sounded like thunder when it crashed into the caves.  

This was our little rental car, "Taki" named after a former Greek boss of mine. He took us to some amazing spots on the island. I will say driving on the island was the most challenging part of the week because the roads were not properly marked. We did get lost most days, but that's the fun of travelling at times. 

The German is a big football fan, and loved this field by the sea. 

One problem the island does have is stray dogs and cats. In every church we went into we were surrounded by cats.  

We also spent a day driving to the highest point on the island. The views were breathtaking. 

The German checking out Albania in the distance.  

And every day after exploring we returned to our amazing beach resort at Agios Gordios

The hotel was built right into a cliff and had the most amazing views. 
Our hotel included breakfast and dinner, but we found the best place to eat right on the beach. It was the perfect spot to watch sunsets and we went there almost every night for dinner. The owner also gave us some of his homemade wine. Itt was the last week of the season and seemed as if we were on the island alone at time, but that made it that much more special.  

I think I took about 500 sunset pictures throughout the week. Watching a west coast sunset over the beach is so beautiful.  

During one of our beach days we both enjoyed a massage on the beach. I of course had to capture the moment on film when the German was getting his done.  

Another night of great sunset shots... 

  Our day of exploring the North West coast was our favorite. We found so many unique spots. I loved this view with the love locks on the fence. 


We tried to wait for the flag to move for like 10 minutes. 

And of course 30 seconds after I stepped out of the shot it moved.

Paleokastrista beach 

We took our rental car down this tiny broken path...hoping it would lead us to something amazing. It did not disappoint. 
You can see Albania in the distance.  

I have to say I think this officially was the coolest place I have ever swam in my life. 

 The water here looked milky due to the limestone. 

This was the Cape Drastis coastline

Selfie at Cape Drastis  

This was the "Channel of Love" in Sidaris. Legend says if you visit here you will find your soul mate.

We also spent the day at the little beach seen in the picture below called Mirtiostissa. I couldn't take pictures down at the coast of the beach as it was a clothing optional beach and didn't feel it was appropriate.  But I can ensure you the water was some of the clearest I have swam in.

We decided to spend our last day on the island exploring by sea Kayak. We traveled out to the point in the picture below which was at our beach resort. We both loved our final day on the water. 

And of course I couldn't finish this blog without a sunset montage. 


 At the end of the trip we both were sad it was over, but super excited for the upcoming adventures we have this year. I am headed to the USA for my Bachellorette party and Thanksgiving in a month's time followed by Christmas with our family in Germany. We are also excited because we are getting a new (used) car for weekend adventures in Scotland! 
Until next time, I will see you on the internet.