Sunday, May 18, 2014

Our Portuguese Mini-Moon Road Trip; Part Three

We really loved the time we spent in the North and at the Coast, but I was really excited for us to arrive in Lisbon for the last part of our mini-moon. I had  visited Lisbon with my mom back in 2011, and absolutely fell in love. Christian had never been before, so I was excited to show him around the city, and ride more cable cars! After we found our hostel in the downtown city centre, we headed for the tram for a city tour. 
Lisbon, and Portugal in general, is so colorful! I love exploring the city because there is such a lively energy flowing through the place. 

Lisbon also has many options for touring the city. Buses, cable cars, tuk tuk's and electric cars. 

But my personal favourite are the cable cars. I love that they are still vintage looking and add so much personality and character to the city.  


We ended up at an outdoor music festival which was flowing with locals. I saw this little food vendor selling specialty hotdogs and cocktails, so we decided for an afternoon snack. 
They even had a beer pong table for people to use! 

The weather was so nice, and I was really keen on wandering around trying to find some of my favorite spots from the previous trip in '11. I especially loved the street art.

We walked up to one of the highest streets to watch the sunset.

The light and views really were perfect! 
After we walked around one of the old districts to try and find a restaurant I had eaten at with my mom. I was so happy when we found it, and the same waiter serving the evening we ate there. 

After dinner we just walked around soaking in the energy of the city. There are street performers and people out until the early hours of the morning. It's really a unique vibe and unlike any place I have visited in the past. 

Day two in Lisbon was our last day of the trip. Knowing Lisbon, I suggested doing an off-on bus trip since a lot of the highlights are quite spread out in the city. It was great to just relax and sit on the top of the bus soaking up sun and sites.  


One of my favorite stops on the last trip was the Monestary. Even though we got a very early start, the wait was over an hour to get in, so we didn't make it in this trip. But I would definitely recommend it for anyone visiting. 

One of the most memorable sites in the was the bridge you drive over to get into downtown Lisbon. It reminded me of the Golden Gate Bridge. When we were on the bus tour, we learned that the name of the bridge is the "April 25th Bridge" as it was the day in Portuguese's history that is very important politically. We couldn't believe it, as we were obviously on our mini-moon celebrating our wedding, which took place on April 25th.


For dinner on our last night we visited a restaurant owned by friends of Christian's parents. It was great to celebrate our mini-moon with them and a bottle (or 2) of wine. 

After dinner we had to get back to the city centre via the metro. It was quite an adventure figuring our way back to the hostel. 

Our final night was pretty low key. We ended up sitting outside, people watching, and enjoying the sights and sounds of the city. It really felt like a perfect way to end the road tripWe couldn't have asked for anymore on our Mini-moon. The people were so welcoming and friendly, the seafood was some of the best we had eaten, and we had sunshine the entire trip. Our next big adventure will be moving to a new house in  early August followed by a week road trip throughIstria, and of course of honeymoon to South Africa in November. 

Until next time, we'll see you on the internet. 

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