Thursday, December 4, 2014

Honeymoon: The Cape of Good Hope - Destination Cape Cape Town, South Africa

After our 48 hour stop in Dubai, Christian and I boarded another 8 hour flight to Cape Town. Knowing we were going to be in the country for two weeks, we had made a list of things we wanted to see and do before arriving. We waited until we arrived and saw the next day's weather plan to start ticking items off our list. But living in Scotland changes you, and we both are always up for an adventure - rain or shine! 

I have to take my hat off to my husband, who did pretty much all of the planning for this trip. He read all of the travel books, researched accommodation options, and  booked everything either himself or through our contact in Cape Town. I felt it was a fair trade off for all of the work I had to put into the wedding, and I am so glad he took the lead on the honeymoon as I don't think I would have done nearly as good of a job! I had a few presumptions on what Cape Town would look like, but when we arrived at our sea side hotel in the town of Camps Bay I was blown away by the landscape. Cape Town sits right at the sea with Table Mountain, the Twelve Apostles Mountain Range, and Lion's Head Mountain surrounding it. The Atlantic ocean's blue colors are gorgeous and everywhere you look their are breathtaking landscape views. 

One of the things I definitely wanted added to our to-do list was the famous Boulder Beach, aka Penguin Beach. This was part of the Cape of Good Hope day we planned and since we arrived and the weather forecast looked promising, we decided to do the Cape of Good Hope Natural Park on Day 2. After waking up we headed out in our little car heading a few miles South to the Cape of Good Hope. Within the first 5 minutes of the car journey, I told Christian to pull over as I thought I saw something in the water. 

After having a look through our binoculars we saw a school of dolphins about 50 yards off shore!

  At that moment I remembered thinking of my friend who once told me that seeing dolphins is a sign of good luck, and the rest of the day proved that theory right!
 The first part of the drive we drove along the coast on what is called Chapman's Peak with stunning views towards Hout Bay. The road cuts right on the side of the mountain, similar to the Amalfi Coast road. We could also see dolphins feeding in the bay while driving along the coast.

 The drive was really scenic and a great start to our day!

These colorful beach bungalows were in Muizenberg
After stopping for lunch in Kalk Bay, which is a little hippie town known for antique shopping, we headed towards Simons Town and the famous Boulders Beach. We walked right up to the coast and then we saw them! I really was so excited I had to tell myself to calm down a few times. But seriously, how can anyone not LOVE penguins at the beach.
 The beach is is in a protected area to make sure nothing bad happens to the penguins, and in some places there are walkways in order to protect the nesting grounds.
 As you can imagine I probably took 100 photos alone from the beach, but here are just a few of my favourites.

We actually went back a second time later in the trip because I loved it so much. Here are a few shots from that day where we actually found a second part of the beach where you could get right up next to the penguins and even swim with them if you were brave enough to go in the cold water! 

 After getting our fill of penguins, we continued on into the Cape of Good Hope National Park. 

 We continued getting breathtaking views throughout the drive.


We also started to see more wildlife...
 We passed multiple signs telling us not to feed baboons because they are dangerous, but to be honest, I wasn't really expecting them to get so close to the car. Some even jumped on wind shields!

We then arrived at Cape Point, the South-western most point of Africa. 

 Our picture at the Cape of Good Hope.
We also saw a family of Ostrich. I am not the biggest fan of birds, as my good friends will vouch for, but I did snap a few great shots from the car including this selfie with me, the ostrich, and cape of good hope in the background. 

 There were also lots of large rodents roaming around the rocks.

 But seriously - can we get back to the Ostrich? What weird looking birds!

 Look at those feet- look like dinosaur feet to me!

 After finishing in the Cape National Park we headed back to our place in Camps Bay and watched the sunset.

The day was so much fun and a wonderful start to our two week trip. We have much more to come including the Winelands, Whale Watching, Shark Diving, Robben Island, and our Safari. 

 Until next time, we will see you on the internet. 

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