Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Weekend in Warsaw

It feels like ages since I've been able to write a blog post, but thanks to our recent weekend getaway to Poland I have found inspiration to document our travels yet again. Life has been very busy as I've been back at work for almost 5 months now! I must admit I enjoy being back in the "adult" world and have been working 4 days and having Wednesdays and Weekends off to spend with Emi. As we hadn't been anywhere since Christmas, we were dying for a weekend getaway. We had initially thought of getting away to the highlands, but I found super cheap flights to Warsaw and neither of us had been so we decided why not! Flight times were perfect away on Thursday night back on Sunday night so only 1 day off work. 

Believe it or not, Emi has flown on over 35 flights- sometimes I can't believe I did all that travelling while on maternity leave. But she is definitely more of a handful as a toddler traveling than when she was an infant. She is also still on our laps as we don't have to pay for a seat until she turns 2. I am not looking forward to paying for 3 full priced tickets when we fly to the USA, but I also can't imagine her sitting on my lap much longer as she wants to get up and move around constantly. She really is a pro at traveling and loves being in airports and walking up and down the aisle on the plane.

Thankfully due to high winds our flight was 30 minutes shorter than normal and we were only in the air less than 2 hours. Emi loves her travel backpack and I always pack it with special treats for her to play with throughout the trip. 

We arrived super late at night so after a quick uber ride to the hotel we all went right to bed. We were up pretty early the next day so we hit the town and some tourist attractions. My favorite part of the city was definitely the old town's squares. It was quite picturesque and we had a really lovely sunny morning to explore.  

We saw the famous mermaid statue in one of the town's. Legend has it this mermaid is the sister to the famous mermaid in Copenhagen- a city we visited with Emi last year for my birthday. 

And as we were travelling on St. Patrick's Day I made sure to dress our little lady leprechaun in green. Christian and I met on St. Patrick's Day in Dublin so we sort of celebrate it as our anniversary each year.  

The old town had many charming restaurants...
 and some yummy baked sweet treats for sale. I have Polish Ancestry as my mom's dad was from Poland. I've always wanted to visit and try some traditional polish food that I heard so much about growing up from family members. 

We went for dinner in a very cool cellar restaurant- one of the only to survive WWII. Both Christian and I shared steak, pierogi's, and dessert. 

The best part was since we went for an early dinner the place was empty and we sat next to a kids play area. We let Emi run wild while we enjoyed our meals- it was fantastic!  

 When we woke up on Saturday we knew it was going to be an indoor activity kind of day due to rain, so on suggestion of one of my students we visited the Copernicus Science Centre- a children's museum. We all enjoyed the hands on activities and appealed to kids of all ages.

 We used uber to get around most of the city. It was super cheap and easy and Emi loved meeting all of the drivers each time they pulled up to get us. 

The city had loads of war memorials scattered about. This one was just across from our hotel.

After the science museum, and a much needed nap, we ventured back out to another recommended stop- The Palace of Culture. We went to the top for views of the city, but the building definitely had a creepy communist vibe as it was built as a gift from Stalin. Christian said it reminded him of the empire state building in NYC.

 On Sunday we went to the Uprising Museum, which was a very somber experience. It was about what went on during the war in Warsaw - something that is educational but hard to watch at times. It was free on Sunday's so that was an unexpected bonus. Emi and I enjoyed this WWII BMW motorcycle with sidecar. 

 Before heading to the airport on Sunday afternoon, we stopped back in the old town for some last minute polish cuisine. The food on the whole trip was outstanding! My Polish student gave us a long list of foods to try, including beetroot soup with dumplings in the picture below.

I ordered kielbasa - traditional polish sausage 

Sauercraut Stew with Mixed Pierogi's 

Overall I was glad to have seen Warsaw, but I don't think I would go back. Next time we head to Poland (whenever that may be) I would love to try Krakow.

Until next time, I'll see you on the internet.