Monday, November 13, 2017

A Quick Stop in Venice

On to part 3 of our Tour of Italy! After Tuscany, we got rid of our rental car and spent the rest of the trip travelling via train. I was expecting the train travel to be the easiest part of the trip in terms of entertaining Emi - but she was so busy on the train and constantly moving. Luckily the trip from Florence to Venice was only 2 hours, so after a few laps around the train and a couple of movies on the ipad we arrived. 

 When we arrived in Venice it was a lot colder than we expected and it was also night time. Google maps said it was a 20 minute walk to our hotel, which we opted for instead of a ferry, but we soon came to regret. Venice is nothing but bridges, so lugging a large suitcase and stroller with child through the city for 20 minutes was a nightmare. We made the best of it and once we arrived at our hotel we went for a stroll and grabbed some dinner. 

We were pretty tired so had an early one and were up early the following day to get out and explore. Sadly it was again cold and overcast, but we still got out to see the sights.  

First stop was the famous St. Mark's Square. Now we arrived early, and the place was absolutely rammed with tourists. Venice gets a lot of day tourists from the cruise ships, and at times it was a nightmare trying to get around.  

We ditched our stroller and put Emi in the carrier as Venice is not stroller friendly whatsoever. 

 We spent a few hours wandering around exploring the streets and eating food along the way. 

In the afternoon we opted for a ferry cruise through the city. We weren't keen on a $100 30 minute gondola ride, especially as the weather wasn't ideal. We wanted to be inside which the ferry provided and Emi enjoyed being on the boat. 

Touring Venice from the water is a great option. You really don't see much from the tiny alley ways and we enjoyed our cruise the most during our time there.

 The end of the cruise dropped us off at St. Mark's square which was empty and picturesque at night. 

We opted for some street food pizza to end the day, which really was the constant theme of our trip. 

 The next day we grabbed lunch before getting our train to our final destination- Florence.

Overall, we were quite disappointed with Venice. I am glad that we went to see it, as I have always wanted to go, but it was way too touristy and with the weather we were glad to be heading back to the sun in the South. 
 Until next time, I'll see you on the internet. 

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